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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hej Finland!

So picking up where we left off yesterday...

Disaster Strikes!

After retiring to our room, Holly's decision to slum it with the local fast food came back to haunt her. Quite literally... A half hour praying to the porcelain god convinced her that only 5 star restaurants were good enough from now on.

And as if my new wife's intestinal eruptions were not enough we had to contend with the pulsating beats of the Hotel nightclub well in to the night. And just in case we had managed to drift off to sleep, we also had a nice little wake up call at 01:36 - for a few seconds the earth really moved as the daily blast from the mines shook the building (actually we probably wouldn't have noticed this if we hadn't already been awake - but we like to make things sound dramatic)!

After a well deserved lie in we ambled down to a late yet comprehensive breakfast. In case we didn't mention them yesterday, we really must highlight the self-service waffles with cloudberry jam - just delicious.

At this point I must digress to take issue with those who have suggested that this blog is just a long list of items that we have eaten while we have been away. We have included at least two other incidents over the last week! Anyway, back to breakfast...

Our lovely start to the day was only slightly marred by the two plague victims sat on the table behind us who had obviously not yet heard the phrase "coughs and sneezes spread diseases". Maybe it hasn't been translated in to the appropriate language yet.

A bit of packing later, and we were off to Kiruna airport (which, being Swedish, was substantially more stylish than Heathrow or Gatwick, despite being only about one millionth the size). We flew from Kiruna to Arlanda Stockholm, and from there on to Helsinki. While on the plane Holly and I realised that we were travelling further east than either of us had ever been before! And through clear skies and skipping across frozen arctic vistas we made our way to the home of the Moomins and Eurovision champions Lordi.

We arrived at the Radisson Seaside Hotel at around 19:30. The hotel is a converted cheese factory! It is very stylishly decorated throughout and has huge pillars that were required to take the weight of the massive Emmental cheeses that used to be stored here.

After lounging around in the room for a bit we sloped down to the Hotel restaurant for one of the best meals of our honeymoon so far. Parma ham bruschetta, veal carpaccio, a couple of fillet steaks (to die for) and topped off with "french toast" basically panetonne fried in butter with cinnamon, sugar and blueberry ice cream. All washed down with a Bloody Mary, some local Finnish beer, an espresso and a shot of limoncello.

And now we are off to catch a film and get some sleep!

See you tomorrow,

The honeymooners. (and if I ever find a PC with a card-reader I _will_ put some photos up, I promise).


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