Joe and Holly's Wedding

Location: Guildford

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 2 - continued.

We are checking out of the hotel soon, so this is just a quick summary of yesterday so we don't forget. I will flesh it out later...

Morning - wondered around the old part of Stockholm - walked over to Gamla Stan beside railway. Saw duck on ice doing a poo. Holly started day long obsession with leaving her mark in any unspoiled patch of snow we saw (I didn't do too badly myself). Found a little cafe and had a lovely hot chocolate. Walked around Gamla Stan a bit more.

Went to royal palace and bought a combination ticket. Went to state rooms, amazing palace, huge rooms, beautifully decorated, lots of paintings, sculpture, tapestries, etc.

Went to Royal armoury, saw carriages, weaponry, clothing from many ages of Swedish royal family. Also saw a special shoe exhibition including Marlyn Monroe's pumps and Fred Astaire's dancing shoes!

Then went to a little bar for some aperitifs - kir royale and grand mimosa. Then to the six tuns cellars restaurant for a medieval themed feast - thin marinated elk with lingonberries for me and pickled herring with cheese for Holly, a shared block of rib meat with sauerkrout, bread and soft cheese, and to finish a wonderful saffron pancake (block of!) with cloudberry and cream. It was wonderful, all washed down with some Swedish beer!

Then a short walk back to the Hotel, a wonderful soak in the bath and a lazy evening just reading and relaxing.

This morning we have been packing, sorting things out and getting ready for the train. Breakfast was salmon and eggs for both of us - mine poached and Holly's scrambled. Now we are off to see the crown jewels and have a bit of a day around Stockholm before catching the train.

More to follow soon!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 2.

Just got up and had a wonderful breakfast! Pancakes, yoghurt and graval lax for me, bacon, scrambled eggs, graval lax and cheese for the missus. All washed down with some freshly squeezed orange juice and a large latte! Mmmmmm.

Now onwards and upwards! First day out on the town in Stockholm!

The Newlyweds.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Honeymoon Day one

Day one of the honeymoon!

Started the day at 2am packing! Then up again at 6 to get in the taxi (by far the most dangerous part of the journey)! After a "novel" route to Heathrow (involving coming off the M25 at one junction and then back on again to try and queue jump, and driving about three inches off the car in front) we got checked in an hour early. Got a bit of shopping done in terminal 3, and then a quick and comfortable flight courtesy of SAS to Stockholm. A bottle of Champagne helped the time pass quickly! (That and puzzler compendium...)

Once in Stockholm the Arlanda express carried us cleanly efficiently (and environmentally friendlily) to the center of town, and a quick Taxi ride deposited us in our Hotel, the Rival (part owned by Bjorn of ABBA fame). We got an upgrade thanks to our newlywed status (yay!) to a wonderful room with a huge marble clad bathroom with the biggest walk in shower I've been in outside of a swimming pool, a plasma TV and DVD player, some CD's (including Marvin Gaye to get us in the mood for lurve) and the most wonderful comfortable bed!

One quick nap later we came down to the restaurant for dinner. Smoked salmon, asparagus, dill, lemon, grated horseradish and avocado mousse followed by truffle and chicken sausage with apple gravy, potato cake and mini onion rings and a watercress salad. Pudding was a mango sorbet with raspberries stewed with vanilla. And to top it all off a rich intense espresso! Wonderful! (oh and a Staropramen dark which goes on to the list of beers to keep an eye out for!)

After dinner we got kitted out in our coats and gloves and spent an hour or so wandering the streets around the hotel. It was dark and snowing and absolutely magical (photos of all the above to follow at some point) . Parks blanketed with snow, and street lights casting a shimmering arc of light through the frosty air. Really special. So we are now back, rosy cheeked and warming up nicely, just off to the bar maybe for a quick drink and then to bed.

Over and out

The newlyweds.